Sometimes, due to some unavoidable reasons data loss may occur while indexing or partial indexing may take place, then you might want to re-index all your data again into Splunk. Following are the techniques to re-index your data:

While ingesting a data all crc and seekaddress are formed in fishbucket for reindexing data all we need to do remove/delete fishbucket

To delete/remove the fishbucket:

1. Move to the directory /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk (on the instance forwarding data)

2. Delete/Remove the sub-directory fishbucket

i) #cd $SPLUNK_HOME/var/lib/splunk
ii) #rm -rf fishbucket

1.Basic difference between HF and UF

Ans: The HF differs from the UF is that it can parse and filter the content of the data and take actions on it. The HF can also host Splunk apps/addon, such as DB Connect or Checkpoint to pull data from cloud providers, databases, firewalls and many other sources.

2. How to setup SH, Indexer and HF separately

Ø Login into Splunk Web as admin on the instance that will be forwarding data.
Ø Click Settings > Forwarding and receiving.
Ø At Configure forwarding, click Add new.
Ø Enter the hostname or IP address for…

In this blog we will see How we can export a dashboard in PDF form and set up a Report.
This would help in automation of Dashboard and can directly view dashboard from the mail and can save ample about of time.
Below are the steps where we can schedule a dashboard as an report. But before that there are some limitions in PDF form of a Dashboard
Dashboard Should have simple query If there are token passing in Dashboard the “Schedule Delivery Option” while be disable.
So try keeping dashboard as simple as possible.

STEP 1:-
Open dashboard we…

In this blog we ll get to know whole about alerts where they are saved and how to list those alerts which are triggered and which are not triggered?

Why is need to track the alerts which are triggered or not??

In our splunk environment we created many apps and work on many ongoing projects, we have to create many alerts with respective of each app where we keep track on whats going on in our projects . …

It’s always best practice to proper start and stop anything, Splunk is no different. If it’s a single environment such a small thing wouldn’t be a tedious process but what if you have 100 instances running Splunk simultaneously? What then? Going to each individual instance and starting and stopping it would be a monumental task itself. To prevent this for happening we found a solution.


Multiple Splunk instances, Apache, php.

Step 1:-

Install Apache and php in this single instance which has the main code. …

Hi folks, I came up today with new theme which can be your best WordPress theme forever.
Avada is definitely an awesome and unique theme of WordPress for unleashes multi-purpose themes. Based on one of the best responsive grid its comes up with some features such as Ajax, creative, gallery, grid, interactive, jquery, one page, photography, portfolio, responsive, shortcodes, showcase, swiper with a powerful admin panel.
This can become perfect theme just for you..!!

More details / Demo :-

But if you see the prices of this theme is quite high and definitely a student will not able to…

Using this app you can also make repeated letters using alphabet and emoji characters. Also, it provides random emoji characters. Very easy to use and required few click for your message repetitions. The repetition process works asynchronously for longer repetition limits.


  • Only type once and repeat it as many times you want.
  • Also repeated emojis supported
  • Generate random characters with default alphabet characters or ASCII characters.
  • You can also modify the output
  • Share your repeated text on social media
  • Copy your repeated text and post on social media.
  • Repeated Letters supported
  • Send Empty Messages
  • Random Emoji Characters
  • Rich user…

Nowadays, almost every action we take leaves a digital trail. We generate data whenever we go online, when we carry our GPS-equipped smartphones, when we communicate with our friends through social media or chat applications, and when we shop. You could say we leave digital footprints with everything we do that involves a digital action, which is almost everything. On top of this, the amount of machine-generated data is rapidly growing too. Data is generated and shared when our “smart” home devices communicate with each other or with their home servers. …

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